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Passionate About Home Cinema Here at EpicAlias, we share your enthusiasm for home cinema and your pursuit of the perfect audio-visual experience. We understand the challenges of choosing the right components and setting up the ultimate home cinema. That’s why we’re committed to making this process easier and more enjoyable for you.

Our Journey – The Birth of EpicAlias EpicAlias was born from a moment of inspiration back in 2021. As avid tech enthusiasts, we identified a need for a comprehensive, approachable, and reliable platform catering to home cinema tech enthusiasts like yourself. Our goal was to create a space where people could not only find solutions to everyday tech dilemmas but also deepen their knowledge of home audio-visual equipment.

From humble beginnings, we’ve evolved into a trusted source for straightforward tech advice. EpicAlias is more than just a tech blog; it’s a community of like-minded enthusiasts who share a passion for home cinema technology.

Meet Our Experts About John Santos

Sergio is a seasoned technology columnist and blogger with a love for video games, gadgets, and all things related to home entertainment. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Sergio’s expertise spans various technology domains. When he’s not tinkering with AV cables or immersed in his computer, you can find him enjoying a game of tennis or padel. EpicAlias serves as Sergio’s playground to explore new tech-related topics and share insights about life beyond electronics.

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About Timothy Ibram

Timothy, or Tim, is a skilled tech blogger and writer. His talent lies in dissecting computers and researching the latest tech gadgets and trends. As a dedicated gamer, Tim brings an enthusiast’s perspective to the world of home entertainment, simplifying complex tech concepts into engaging content for our readers.

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